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Servant of Evil Servant of Evil

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What is this I don't even...

When you know the original song (Servant of evil from the vocaloid Kagamine Len, as sated in the opening), this suddenly creates a huge dissonance in conflict with the original story of the song. Simply because it is based on a horrendous translation (even though an effort was actually made to translate the song, either that, or an actual translation was purposely made to be corrupted) of the song, and thus thoroughly corrupted. The translation is severely wrong, and if anyone's looking for a proper translation and the actual story, go search youtube.
For those who have no idea about the song, you might find this somewhat interesting, though random, but it's nothing properly good.

Anyway, the graphics could be drawn better, and overall, it simply looks like some sort of slipshot work made in a few hours.

Pixel Shrooms Pixel Shrooms

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Always entertaining.

I love coming back to watch this every so often. It always makes me smile.

And you guys flaming IOwnUAll are complete morons. The word "bung" in AMERICAN English is a primarily noun and means a plug usually for an industrial drum but sometimes for like a cask or a bottle. The only time it's used as a verb in the U.S. is to describe what it does, i.e. sealing something. Therefore it's use as a passive verb in this song really only makes sense to British English speakers, not us Americans.

And the word "squidge" is a slang term, again, used primarily in British English speech and is not a normal part of the American English vernacular whatsoever (in fact it doesn't even really exist here at all). I had to completely guess as to it's meaning when I first watched this, because I'd never heard the word in my life.

Before you rabid fanboys decide get all "up in arms" to flame someone for misunderstanding a word's use, try and remember that a lot words exist in completely different ways on either side of the Atlantic.

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After Ban Day... After Ban Day...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

To quote Wine Lock...

I lol'd irl. Good job, Sunshine! XD

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Thanks Toad!