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Entry #1

So much to do!

2009-10-28 03:38:25 by Toadstool-Lock

I've never posted one of these... but okay. I'm bored.

Anyway. so after taking a year and a half off of animating anything, I've been animating up a storm lately! Two new episodes of The Toad Lock Show, and a part for the LL series The Long Story.

Also pretty soon I'll be making a part for the LL's current (re-established) Bi-Weekly Contest, a part for an upcoming LL music video collab, and a new episode of The Toad Lock Show inspired by an MSN conversation with Master Lock.

By the end of the year, I'll have doubled the amount of Flash work I had done before I came back.

So glad for the high score on Toad Lock 7. Highest scoring movie to date, which makes me smile since I put so much effort into it. I was totally thrilled by all the positive feedback, and plan to put just as much <3 in the upcoming episodes as well.

That's all I feel like typing. =/


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2009-11-03 22:00:15

wow, i never notice that u made a series until now so now im just going to start watching ur flashs of toadlock until i finish


2009-11-03 22:50:04

I just finish watching all ur toadlocks episodes n they were all short n random but yet funny but it also seem like nobody review u much eventhough u made like 9 flash but yet 7 ep.


2009-12-23 15:36:28

you are a good animator


2010-03-19 18:58:36

You were never funny


2012-08-08 14:50:52

your awesome dude hope you come back soon